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I moved to the United States from South Africa when I was 17 years old. As a child I had a creative mind and began sketching dresses at an early age, even designing my own senior prom dress. I would never forget how putting that dress on made me feel; both beautiful and fitting and so fundamentally proud that I was able to contribute to a lasting memory. As an artist, it is my goal to make other women feel beautiful too, by making elegant custom pieces suited for their body.


In 2019 I started Designs by Natalie Maharaj. My mission is to focus on ethical fashion.  Everything is made to order and customization is available upon request.  By using natural eco-friendly and up-cycled materials, I’m completing the sustainable circle by specializing in the process of natural dyeing. My custom dyed designs include many natural elements already on earth (like fruits, vegetables, and floral varieties) giving all my products both a natural feel and a noticeable glow that every woman deserves.



With a multi-cultural background in international fashion, I realize that comfort is so very important.  That’s why I keep my designs simple and natural: So women not only feel good but feel empowered. My custom designs express many consistent fashion trends displayed throughout Europe, Africa, and the United-States. A one of a kind sustainable piece from Designs by Natalie Maharaj is very much so a result of what happens when worlds collide.

Contact me if you would like me to create a custom piece just for you!

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